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Lion Security Service PLC (Ethiopian Security Service Provider) - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Megenagna Road to Gurd-shola down to the Ministry of Agriculture Bole Sub city
+251 116 553573
+251 91 1485459/ +251 91 1517774
Fax:+251 115 565989


Lion Security Service PLC is an integrated security solutions company in, providing reliable service for government agencies, private corporations and non-governmental organizations across Ethiopia. Our protective, support and training services help customers create and sustain secure and safe business environments.

We are highly committed to address the expectations of our customers. Of course, our existing customers have high level of trust on the company to protect their people, infrastructure and other valuable assets. Thus, we would like to assure you that you are safeguarded in choosing Lion Security.

Lion Security Service PLC is fully compliant with the law of the Country and is a registered and licensed private security company. Lion Security Service PLC is established on October 2006 as a security agency. Currently, Lion Security Service has risen into a status of PLC as a result of its endurance in the midst of internal and external challenges of different nature.

Lion Security Service PLC commenced its service with very few customers (which were not more than 3 in number) and with 41 workforces, in the capital Addis Ababa. As the Company is working with many governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations, private companies and households in a well-established system and organization it is gaining the highest reputation in the industry.


The vision of the Company is to see governmental organizations, international and regional institutions, business firms, private individuals, households etc. in Ethiopia and Africa at large, fulfilling their vision and missions being free from criminal threats of any sort.


The mission of the Company is to safeguard the life of its customers, their property and other valuable assets using competent manpower, modern working systems and technologies from the threat of any sort of crime and disasters in accordance with the law of the Country. If it occurred, in case, to mitigate its effect by working with governmental and private security agencies like the Police. 


The values of Lion Security Service PLC are considering the customer like a king, integrity, accountability, transparency, obedience, confidentiality, respect, alertness and rapidity. 

Lion’s Services:

  • Protective service;
  • Guard force training;
  • Cleaning;
  • Driver; and
  • Gardening
  • Embassy guest from abroad.
  • Foreign companies & NGO staffs.
  • For companies who need this service for their employees.
  • Escorting (Starting from the airport to any destination giving a security escorting service.)
  • Reserving hotels with your preference and standard.
  • Providing vehicle rent service.
  • For guests who are coming for meeting handle (events, arranging meeting hole etc…)
  • For business or pleasure travelers giving tour guide service.
  • Also giving catering service.

Working Capital

The overall working capital of the Company is over 9,000,000 (Nine million Birr).

Sensitivity for Security and Safety

Customer security, safety and service are our prior concern. We set the standard with systematic training, thorough code of ethics and strict compliance with government regulations. We are also highly sensitive in understanding customers’ safety and security concerns and work closely with them to make recommendations or develop solutions that fit their need. 


Our highly skilled workforce consists of more than 5,021.

security personnel and others all over Addis Ababa and capitals of regional states. 

Our security specialists are quite professionals with a background of police and military with best personal profile. Moreover, prior to assignment, all personal will pass through background check, and recruitment and selection process. The following are some of the issues emphasized during the process.

  • Experience (police, military or other security related areas);
  • Academic background (the minimum requirement of which is 10th and above);
  • Oral and written exam related to security;
  • Physical fitness;
  • Security clearances such as from the Police and local administration; and
  • Medical certificate.

After successful completion of screening, candidates are required to pass through a rigorous training program regardless of their past experience. This process guarantees a constantly high quality work force.

Communication and Network

As a general principle, the Company shall work with all who have concern about security. However, the Company has day-to-day communication with governmental security agencies, the Police in particular, and similar private security agencies. Such communications include both incident-based and regular.

Safe Escort Service

One of the service that Lion security service is giving to its customers is that to give a safe escort service for customers who are coming to Ethiopia and travelling to different parts of the country. Our service ensures the safety of the customers and his staff during their stay over here. Our service will be provided both on foot and vehicle. Our security staffs have been working on the security service more than eight years and have a better experience on handling this security service, and on top of that they have been going through different background checks and security training programs.

If you have any question on this service, contact us with our e-mail address or visit our website mentioned above, also come and visit us at our office and we will discuss in detail on the service that you want to be provided with.

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