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Retina Pharmaceuticals - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Wossen Avenue, Yeka sub-city, Woreda 11, House No. 1348
+251 11 8966096
+251 911 256615/ +251 91 1743597/ +251 93 0034224


Retina Pharmaceuticals is an importer and distributor of pharmaceutical products, ophthalmic products, medical supplies, medical equipments, laboratory reagents, sanitary & hygienic products, cosmetics and chemicals in Ethiopia.  The company has been authorized by Food, Medicine and Health Care Administration and Control Authority (FMHACA) and Ministry of Trade. We import these products from trusted suppliers around the world. We deliver products for free upon customer’s request. The company has been authorized by FMHACA (Food, Medicine and Health Care Administration and Control Authority) and Ministry of Trade. Retina Pharmaceuticals imports and wholesales more than 30 products and distribute them in all over Ethiopia.

Our company has a total capital of Birr 12 Million. We currently supply more than 30 kinds of products and we are striving to increase our products. We distribute our products in Addis Ababa and all other cities in Ethiopia. Besides contributing to the country's economic growth, our company also took part in social developments and created job opportunities for more than 20 people.


Pharmaceutical Products

 We supply all kinds of drugs from prescription drugs to over-the-counter drugs in Ethiopia such as Drugs Cynovit, Dextrocuf, Evit 400, Flucoric, Haemoproct, I-profen, Jusprin, Laxolyne, Premosan etc...

Ophthalmic Ranges

  • Anti-glucoma drugs
  • Adjuncts
  • Diagnostic drugs
  • Anesthetics

Medical Supplies

1.  Self-Care: These are products whcih do not typically require a clinician to be present for their use. Hearing aids, diabetes management tools, and mobility aids, are examples of self-care equipment used at home as part of a person’s daily routine.

2.  Electronic: More devices become electronic every year. One major growth category we’re seeing now involves the electronic medical record (EMR), sometimes called the electronic health record (EHR). Not only are more companies developing the software to streamline the use of the EMR, there are several companies working on ways to store and transport the EMR. 

3.  Diagnostic: This type of equipment basically takes a biological or chemical measurement that gets recorded in the medical record and used for diagnosis, or to track therapeutic progress. Sphygmomanometers for recording blood pressure, ophthalmoscopes that is used in eye exams, and otoscopes to allow a clinician to evaluate the health of the outer and middle ear are a few diagnostic tools often used in exam rooms. 

4.  Surgical: Surgical supplies and equipment can include the stainless steel tools that surgical teams use in surgery, diagnostic scopes that surgeons insert deep into the patient’s body so that they can see in hard to reach places and disposable items they wear for personal protection from infection, such as caps, gowns, gloves, and glasses, as well as the gauze and drapes used to keep the patient clean and safe.

5.  Durable Medical Equipment (DME):  It includes the various types of walking aids, transfer equipment, bath safety, and wheelchairs. 

6.  Acute Care: Are Equipment and supplies used in hospitals such as Nursing care kits such as general purpose trays, minor procedure trays, wound and skin care kits, monitoring equipment, and non-surgical instruments are used on a daily basis in hospitals for patient care.

7.  Emergency and Trauma: Are supplies for diagnostic and exam tools, wound care supplies, respiratory therapy equipment, minor procedure kits, and personal protective gear. 

8.  Long-Term Care: It includes beds and mattresses, therapeutic chairs that serve various functions, mobility assistance products, incontinence management supplies, exercise equipment, and grooming and dressing aids, to name a few.

9.  Storage and Transport: Are carts to store and transport equipment such as Case carts, storage carts, supply carts, linen carts, food carts, and procedure carts are some of the most common types needed in healthcare.

Medical Equipments

Examples are:

  • Ultrasound and MRI machines, PET and CT scanners, and x-ray machines.
  • Bariatric
  • Critical Care Equipment
  • Fall Management Equipment - Enclosure System Photo
  • Infusion Therapy Equipment & Pumps
  • Crib - Maternal & Infant Care Equipment
  • Air Lateral Transfer System - Safe Patient Handling
  • Patient Monitoring System
  • Respiratory Therapy Equipment
  • Therapy Surfaces & Hospital Bed Equipment
  • Wound Care Therapy Equipment

Laboratory Reagents

High-purity chemicals for use in chemical analysis, chemical reactions or physical testing :

  • Supplemental Apoptosis Reagents: A wide range of supplemental products for use with apoptosis assays.
  • Cell Culture Media Supplements & Reagents: Culture media, growth supplements, coating agents, microplates, and more.
  • Supplemental Cell Selection Reagents & MagCellect Magnet:MagCellect ferrofluids, erythrocyte lysing kits, and more.
  • DNA Damage & Repair Enzymes: Used in vitro for detection of specific forms of DNA damage or for repair assays.
  • Flow Cytometry Supplemental Reagents: Antibody isotype controls and supplemental staining reagents for flow cytometry.
  • Immunohistochemistry Supplemental Reagents: Antigen retrieval reagents, cell and tissue staining kits, staining reagents, and more.
  • Molecular Weight Markers for Western Blot: Biotinylated molecular weight standards for Western blot.
  • Protein Purification Resin & Anti-poly Histidine Antibodies: Agarose beads and antibodies for the purification of poly-histidine-tagged peptides.
  • Proteome Purifying Kits for Serum Protein Immunodepletion: Resins to deplete serum or plasma of high abundance proteins.
  • Purified DNA for Hybridization: Highly purified DNA for Northern, Southern, and dot blot procedures.
  • Secondary Antibodies: A wide range of species-specific secondary antibodies for flow cytometry, IHC, and biochemistry.
  • Supplemental ELISA/Assay Products: ELISA-related products that can be used to develop complete, custom-built assays.

Sanitary and Hygienic Products

 Chemicals used as sanitizers for food-contact surfaces in retail/foodservice establishments are chlorine, iodine and quaternary ammonium. 
Antiseptic—used against sepsis or putrefaction in humans or animals. Personal hygienic products may also include, soap, shampoo, cream reinse, hair products, razors (new blades), shaving creams, toothpaste and many more.

Sisters Companies

  •     Eagleye Pharmaceuticals PLC
  •     Efenas Trading PLC
  •     Eyob General Clinic
  •     Kiya Dental Clinic
  •     Milcom Drug Shop(Jimma)
  •     Salitemihret Community Pharmacy(Addis Ababa)
  •     St. Gabriel Drug Shop(Awasa)


To be competitive in a global business environment


  • To import & distribute world class quality products with affordable price
  • To save people's life who dies due to shaortage of medicine

Distribution Channels of Retina Pharmaceuticals

We distribute our products in different ways, Direct distribution and Via intermediary are our main distribution channels. Here are some channels we preferred to distribute our products to our customers.

  • Direct Distribution
  • Via Intermediaries
  • Relationship Building
  • Distributing via commercial agents
  • Wholesalers
  • Retailers


Hospitals, Clinics, Wholesalers, Retailers and other organizations can order any of our products. Ordering is possible either via phone or you can send us an e-mail order.

Payment Option

  • Direct Payment-Cash
  • Money Order-Checks

Owner of Retina Pharmaceticals

There are three share holders in this company, each of them has been involved in several businesses and has excellent business experiences.

  • Ato Deme Gurmessa studied Pharmacy and graduated from Jima University in Bsc degree. He has worked in different importing companies and wholesalers for several years.
  • Ato Birhanu Lemu also studied Pharmacy and graduated in Bsc degree. He has been working his own business.
  • Ato Feyera Workneh.

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