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Addis Ababa Eye Clinic - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

XQVR+P5G, Addis Ababa
251 903461653
251 903461653

Eye Clinic in Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa Eye Clinic is an eye clinic in addis ababa. It is located at XQVR+P5G, Addis Ababa. The phone number to get in touch with us is +251 903461653. You can chat with us on our official website : Relieve stress by restoring your vision at our eye clinic located in Addis Ababa. Addis Ababa Eye Clinic provides expert level eye care and optometry in Addis Ababa. We've been providing eye care to local residents, expatriates and tourists for more than 10 years now. We invite you to Addis Ababa Eye Clinic, a vision clinic that cares about your eyes.


Vision care center in addis ababa

Addis Ababa Eye Clinic is an eye clinic that is well-equipped. With the latest technologies and equipment, we will provide you with only the finest eye care in Addis Ababa , Ethiopia.


The principal goal of our eye doctors and nurses is to improve your eye quality. They will provide you with top eye health treatments as well as surgeries in Ethiopia.


Addis Ababa Eye Clinic is the best eye clinic located in Addis Ababa. There are many advantages to us :


  • The eye specialists of the Addis Ababa Eye Clinic are extremely experienced and well-known throughout Ethiopia.

  • Addis Ababa Eye Clinic has an amharic-speaking and English-speaking medical staff.

  • The eye care products of Addis Ababa Eye Clinic Addis Ababa Eye Clinic are the most modern, brought from the USA

  • The rooms for eye care of Addis Ababa Eye Clinic are regularly sterilized and disinfected. Addis Ababa Eye Clinic are regularly cleaned and sterilized.

  • Addis Ababa Eye Clinic follows the covid-19 precautions to avoid any cross-contamination.


About Addis Ababa Eye Clinic treatments

We treat eye issues

Eye lens disorders for whom we provide treatments at the Addis Ababa Eye Clinic are :

- Cataract : For cataracts patients, eye lens become opaque

Myopia : For myopia patients, close object appears clearly, but far ones doesn't

Hypermetropia : For hypermetropia sufferers, objects around them appear blurry

- Presbyopia :People suffering from presbyopia have difficulty focusing at objects around them


Conjunctiva Disorders treatments

The conditions we offer treatment for are:

- Conjunctivitis : it is inflammation of the conjunctiva typically due to an eye problem or allergic reaction

Conjunctival concretions, they are the hard secretions that form beneath the eyelids


Cornea Conditions Treatments

Cornea disorders for which we provide treatment comprise but aren't only

- Dry eye syndrome : It is the result of experiencing dry eyes, which manifests by irritations, blurred vision as well as irritation, redness ...

-- Corneal infections caused by virus, bacteria and fungi

- The cornea is inflamed.

- Cloudy morning vision


Glaucoma treatments

Glaucoma illnesses for which we provide treatment at our eye hospital in Addis Ababa are :

- Primary open-angle glaucoma

Primary normal tension Glaucoma

- Primary angle-closure glaucoma

Secondary glaucoma


Eyeglasses & Lenses Treatments

Opthalmologists and opticians from our clinics can provide you with prescriptions and recommendations.

- Vision correction eyeglasses for refractive errors like myopia, hypermetropia etc..

- Contact lenses

Safety glasses

- Sport glasses


Other Treatments

Addis Ababa Eye Clinic also provide other vision-related treatments such as but not limited to :

- Pediatric ophthalmology

- Amblyopia

- Medical retina

- Eye emergencies, emergency vision and More ...


Common Eye Conditions

We highly advise you to visit your eye physician at when you start to experience any of these signs :


  • The vision changes and you get double vision blind spots, wavy lines, shimmers around lights, blurry faces, watery eyes, flashes of lightning streaks, light or streaks of light that are jagged.

  • There are changes in the field of your vision. These include shadows, black spots in peripheral or central vision, blurriness and visual loss that looks like a curtain.

  • You can see changes in your vision color

  • You experience a sudden loss of vision

  • You will experience a gradual loss of vision either in one or both eyes.

  • An object that was physically touched you saw touched your eyes, like dust that is hard, pests, chemicals, etc...

  • You have physical changes in your eyes such as eyelids that are crossed or that puff up eyelids that tilt downwards or up with redness, inflammation or discharge.

A Reliable Ophthalmology Clinic near you

The ophthalmology clinic we have in Addis Ababa has doctors of the eye who offer tests and diagnostics. Addis Ababa Eye clinic offers surgical and medical treatments for all kinds of eye diseases, from children to adults.


The ophthalmologists at our eye clinic who will be taking your care are highly-trained doctors and eye surgeons who are the medical elite for eye care in Ethiopia.


Our eye specialists in Ethiopia have completed medical school and have completed several years of postgraduate education in the treatment and diagnosis of eye problems.


Addis Ababa Eye Clinic employs optometrists and vision therapy specialists who are medical experts with a license in the field of eye care and treatment of eye ailments.


Our ophthalmologists provide comprehensive exams of the eyes and procedures on patients, prescribe and administer prescription medications. The opticians are able to relay the most suitable prescription for your eyeglasses or lenses.

Expert Eye Doctor at your care

This Addis Ababa Eye Clinic is also the home of certified Ethiopian eye doctors and opticians who create, fit and distribute lenses. They can provide corrections for your vision based on the prescriptions of our opthmologists.


The opticians establish the specifications of the various ophthalmic appliances prescribed to offer you the correction you require to your vision.


They also can provide alternative prescriptions in case you cannot for personal reasons be able to receive the treatment (eyeglasses and contact lenses for example).


Visit our Vision Care center in ethiopia today


Going to our vision facility in Addis Ababa for the early treatment or preventive examination is the best method to lower the risk of permanent damage to the eyes and loss of vision.


Our eye clinic in Ethiopia can guide you through a variety of decisions regarding eye health or treatment an eye disease.


To schedule an appointment you can contact our eye clinic via phone at +251 903461653, email here or directly by using an online form for booking by clicking here.

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