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Felema Construction PLC - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Behind St. Joseph Catholic Church, Jakros - Sahlite Mariam Road Addis Ababa ET
+25114 423 17/ +25135 981 68/ +251 114 426 146


Established in 2010 as a class 3 Building Contractor (BC), within three years of its operations, Felema Construction P.L.C. had developed into one of the reputable Grade 1 Ethiopian construction companies. Since then the company has grown under the direction of its founder and General Manager, Ato Beherawi Ambaye, to become an established and recognized company in all sectors of the construction industry.

Success also allowed Felema Construction P.L.C. to execute projects worth Ethiopian Birr (ETB) 280 million within three years whose single contract value spans up to 100 million ETB. In terms of capabilities, the company has a breadth of expertise encompassing all sectors of the civil engineering construction sector ranging from industrial and commercial buildings to foundation excavation or earth work and other specialist services.

Contracts have been undertaken successfully with the company’s strategic partners such as Tekleberhan Ambaye Construction P.L.C. and Getachew Woldu Construction that were mainly charged with implementing the largest ever Fertilizer Factory in the entire continent Africa.

Over the years the skills and management base of the company has grown and developed and our team of staff and managers has an enthusiasm, competence, and commitment unappalled in the industry that allowed Felema Construction P.L.C. to bid recently for its first building project and successfully secured the close to ETB 50 million worth 2 Basements, one Ground, a Mezzanine and 8 Floors Hotel Building Project in Addis Ababa.

Felema Construction P.L.C.’s success and growth in the ranging infrastructure development services is a result of its employees' commitment and the owners’ courage to invest in latest technology and the adoption of innovative construction method to be provided to its clients.

Business Domain

Felema Construction P.L.C. has a vision of emerging as a transnationally competent general contractor with a unique way of responding to its client’s various construction related needs. We exist to deliver value added infrastructure development and construction projects and turnkey solutions by achieving high quality standards through strong stakeholders support and diversification.

We synergize our team and resources to exceed customer expectations which lead to our success and further growth. Our client’s satisfaction is a constant measure of achievement for our team.
While there is no doubt that this satisfaction is due to our commitment to them, it is also directly related to the values through which Felema Construction P.L.C. manages its operation.
These include:


1. Trust: We exerted utmost efforts to become open and transparent. Integrity is core to our ways of working.
2. Value: Our stakeholders such as clients, consultants, sub-contractors, suppliers, employees, financing and bonding institutes and regulatory bodies are at the heart of all we do.
3. Excellence: We exert continuous efforts for quality solutions that achieve lasting impact.
4. Innovation: We work in one of the most challenging industry that warrants continuous improvement, creativity and skill to deliver long-term change.
5. Partnership: Long-term change comes through working in close collaboration and strategic alliance.

Financial Standings

Established as a Private Limited Company (P.L.C.), the ETB 4 million initial paid-up capital of Felema Construction P.L.C. has currently exceeds ETB 20 million, a fivefold growth within three years of the operational history of the company.
Besides the solid financial and managerial background that sets the company as one of the emerging in the industry, the management of Felema Construction P.L.C. held responsible for the promising multiple business contacts that it is on the verge of establish with a ranging clientele segments.


Contrary to the practice of most conventional construction firms, the management of Felema Construction P.L.C. believes that selectively engaging in relevant operations is vital to stay competent in the turbulent construction market.

To this end, on top of specializing in and successfully executing complex earthwork projects, the company has developed unique capabilities to construct industrial facilities, high-rise buildings and road infrastructure development works among others.

As to the market segmentation, Felema Construction P.L.C. pays equal attention to both of the public, humanitarian and the private project implementers including the federal and regional state governments, trans-national business companies and international or local Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

With the inherent practicality and legitimacy, the clients of Felema Construction P.L.C. have been privileged to relax in its expertise of providing quality engineering and construction services.

Leadership Style

Felema Construction P.L.C. works in a decentralized fashion with client-oriented engineering, construction project management, financial, supply-chain and administrative goals.

The company is organized in a well-defined responsibility area manner and the main sectors and departments are acting as independent functioning units. Performance management functions are based on close supervision and regularly undertaken by the senior executives of the company.

Organizational Structure

Felema Construction P.L.C. has been flexibly organized with a structure reliant on a process system based division of responsibilities in order to run an efficient and diversified construction operations.
The company is fairly departmentalized and main functioning sectors under the General Manager include Operations, Support and Systems that are run by executives appointed at Deputy General Manager level.

Our Engineering and Construction Operation has tackled a myriad of risks with projects and generated the best available solution, to satisfy the client and stakeholders’ needs as well as ensure that the solution is not simply constructing what has been designed, but that the client’s requirements have been appropriately addressed and extended through engineering judgment to protect the risk.

Profile of Projects

Felema Construction P.L.C. has successfully completed a dozen of civil works contracts that form of Yayu Fertilizer Factory and Bole Lemi Industrial Zone Projects and range in complexity and scale.

Of a particular interest is, outsourced by Tekleberhan Ambaye Construction P.L.C. and Getachew Woldu Construction, the company has demonstrated its unleashed potential of coordinating and successfully executing the earthwork of the giant fertilizer factory at Ilu Ababora in Oromia.

The 98 million ETB Phase 1 construction of Yayu Fertilizer Factory in 2012 that was followed by another 95 million worth contract, was a signature project in the history of Felema Construction P.L.C. Working in very harsh conditions, the project team helps to complete the excavation and cart away of more than 1.2 million meter cube foundation soil within a record three-month time.

In terms of its volume of earthwork, Yayu Fertilizer Factory required significant foundation excavation, which is considered the second largest to the Great Renessance Dam, extensive hard rock blasting and mobilization of a fleet of hundreds of construction machineries and dump trucks. The Company is also pre-qualified with the Metal and Engineering Corporation (METEC) to undertake industrial projects in the near future while it already commenced construction of a 2B+G+M+12 Floor (2 Basements, one Ground, a Mezzanine and 12 Floors) high 4-Star designated hotel around Bole Medhane Alem Church while awaiting award of two blocks of G+12 Communal Residential Houses. 

1. Yayu Fertilizer Factory Excavation

Employer: Tekleberhan Ambaye Construction P.L.C.
Contract Value: 97,549,030

2. Yayu Fertilizer Factory Cart Away

Employer: Getachew Woldu Construction
Contract Value:128,860,369

3. Bole Lemi Industrial Zone

Employer: Tekleberhan Ambaye Construction P.L.C.
Contract Value:3,449,003

4. 2B+G+M+12 Floor Hotel Building

Employer:W/ro Assefu Teklehaimanot
Contract Value:49,450,000

5. G+12 Communal Housing Project

Employer: Addis Ababa Housing Dev’t Enterprise
Contract Value: 81,000,000

As a proficient contractor, Felema Construction P.L.C always aims to complete its projects within schedule and on budget at the same time maintaining the highest civil engineering standards.


Felema Construction P.L.C. strives to maintain technological leadership through the integrated use of the most up-to-date construction equipment, tools, well organized management system, qualified manpower and healthy financial positions.

Besides the ongoing efforts of building comprehensive capabilities and combining professional and technical resources required to develop innovative and cost-effective solutions that fulfill its clients’ needs, Felema Construction P.L.C.’s capabilities are instrumental to meeting the aggressive implementation schedules of all contracted projects.

Human Resources

Our people are our most valuable asset. Felema Construction P.L.C. has an excellent record in retaining staff. The Company has a philosophy of investing in its people rather than in the ownership of plant and equipment. As an equal opportunity employer, Felema Construction P.L.C. appoints staff members who are committed to excellence and working as a team. They must also demonstrate initiative and work independently when required. 

In order to maintain performance standards and empower staff, we have a ‘no blame culture,’ set benchmarks for workplace satisfaction, and encourage joint-decision making.

Our Staff Profile

Members are widely recognized for their respect and conduct towards each other, their customers, stake holders and the general public.

We retain staff by providing excellent remuneration, entitlements, ongoing training and real prospects for advancement within the company. Felema Construction P.L.C. has always believed in rewarding well for extraordinary performance through performance based pay and other bonuses.

The company recognizes that to excel in the provision of the range of services provided to its clients, continuous employee training and development is essential. Each employee has a dedicated training programme which is continually assessed from a programme of the core competences required for the various aspects of construction and the services the company provides.

Since its establishment, the company has made significant investment into capacity enhancement projects mainly purchase of equipment to serving the growing construction market.

Due to such self-reliance, management is confident for the deal of success in completing a wide range of projects across boarder whether new or existing projects.

Curious to be always at the forefront of new technologies, the company has allocated the bulk of its annual profits for latest earthmoving, lifting and concrete, compaction, paving and materials production (crushing), trucking, and related machineries and equipments that demonstrates the management’s commitment to deliver the most cost effective and ahead of time solutions to all of the clients through advanced technology and innovative methods.

Be it extremely confined operating areas, limited access, difficult terrain, severe traffic congested areas, working within or adjacent to high profile or listed buildings or even remote islands! Also, with the view of upgrading into a General Contractor (GC) class category firm, the General Manager of Felema Construction P.L.C. is currently looking for financing alternatives to fulfill the required earth moving and construction machineries in particular.


Felema Construction P.L.C.’s capacity to securing a preferred and reliable construction service provider position is also partly due to its healthy financial position, steady growth in revenue and efficient management of its monetary resources.

Besides the remarkable growth in the company’s net worth, provision of best quality civil engineering construction services allowed the company to stay financially stable and grow exponentially.

The following table and chart highlight the recent trends in Felema Construction P.L.C’s annual construction revenue, gross margin and net profit as well as asset, liabilities and net worth for the past three years.

Exerting efforts to maintaining positive cash flow through expedited payment collection and working capital management is what Felema Construction P.L.C. continually strives for whose requirements is primarily fulfilled from revenues generated from the company’s project management, infrastructure development and construction operations among others.


Felema Construction P.L.C. focuses on managing projects on a professional construction management methodology. The company prides itself in its ability to use technology as a tool to ensure that all parties involved have the most accurate and up to date information available.

For instance Felema Construction P.L.C. utilizes Building Information Modeling (BMI), dedicated information technology software designed to enable and support the interdisciplinary collaboration and communication between different professional stakeholders that are involved in the construction process of buildings.

Clients are also provided with activity schedule and status or progress updates on weekly/monthly basis or as requested.

Whether it is related to scheduling, submittals of reports, payment certificates, cost projections, layout drawings or estimating, Felema Construction P.L.C. has the tools necessary to provide the information required to make accurate and efficient decisions.

Quality Management

The quality of everything we make and do brings value to our clients and justifies their decision to do business with us. Our aim is to provide the qualified expertise, experience and capability to complete projects for both Government and private clients on time, within budget and to specification.

Also, quality remains the bedrock of our operation, which being client-oriented, is committed to excellence and cost effectiveness. Felema Construction P.L.C.’s quality approach lies in continuous improvement and redesigning systems, processes and practices to satisfy clients’ needs and requirements.

Furthermore, we recognize that a complete commitment to quality from beginning to end is the key to meeting this objective. To this end, we have taken the steps required to implement a quality management system that is certified by ISO 9001:2000. 

Health and Safety

Felema Construction P.L.C. recognizes the paramount importance of ensuring a healthy, safe and accident free workplace for all our employees, contractors, and visitors. It is Felema Construction P.L.C.’s policy that all operations shall be conducted in such a way as to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of all its employees, and those affected by our activities.

The company requires that high standards of safety, health and welfare shall be achieved and constantly maintained at all of its sites, works and offices. The company also feels that there is the need to have a strong commitment to the protection of the environment and to minimize waste.

Felema Construction fully committed to creating and developing a strong health and safety culture in all of its depots and the site on which its employees work.

Environmental Concern

Felema Construction P.L.C. realizes and accepts our responsibilities to limit our effect on, protect, and where possible, enhance the environment. The senior management of Felema Construction P.L.C. continuously evaluates the environmental risks and concerns associated with our activities. It has established procedures for the setting and reviewing of environmental objectives and targets.

By undertaking all the civil engineering construction and infrastructure development projects in a manner that ensures the protection of the natural and artificial environment, the company demonstrates a commitment to being an ethical and environmentally conscious construction contractor.

Associated Activities

The owner of Felema Construction P.L.C. also has an equal portion of ownership stake with BS Construction Equipment Rental P.L.C., which quickly became one of the country’s largest equipment rental provider firms. Today, the company continues to maintain industry leadership position with a best-in-class range of resources and the largest customer service network of its kind in Ethiopia.

BS Construction Equipment Rental P.L.C. serves its customers as a single-source solution, provided through two business segments: general rentals that offers construction, industrial and personal builder equipment for rent and related services while specialty rentals includes provision of rental equipment and tools for specialist construction sectors such as foundation excavation, underground, trench etc. works. Strategic Partners
Felema Construction P.L.C. is a proud partner of Tekleberhan Ambaye Construction P.L.C. whose support to realizing the owner’s vision is enormous. The company also is indebted to Getachew Woldu Construction and other members of the TAF Group for helping maintain its current position.

The operational strategy of Felema Construction P.L.C. is to rely on assistance from reputable partners to design, construct, outsource and finance its projects. It will have firmly established relationships with quality local subcontractors and suppliers for the sourcing of specialized labor, materials and services.

Felema Construction P.L.C. is serious about expanding and pursuing large-scale contracts in Ethiopia and the regional market. As a result, and since the industry moves to alliance and joint venture contracting, we have forged strong working relationships with other well established and professional companies such as architects, banks, insurance companies, etc.

The Way Forward

Felema Construction P.L.C. offers the greatest pool of talent in civil engineering construction and infrastructure development solutions and we can help realize your most daring construction and building design concepts. We have developed leading-edge construction techniques to ensure that project efficiency is optimized, and environmental impact is minimized, and our right-first-time quality management systems have been devised to minimize waste and exceed the requirements of stakeholders mainly clients, architects and others.

In any of our projects, we will be teamed up with all stakeholders to jointly develop detail specifications and workable schedules. Satisfying clients is our ultimate goal at Felema Construction P.L.C.

This is based on a long term win-win situation for both clients and ourselves. We must therefore do everything in our power to ensure that clients are more than satisfied with our business partnership. As such, every aspect of our customer service must exceed market expectations.

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