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Bole Subcity Anat commercial center 1st floor office number 109 & 110
+251 118 605054
+251 911 239106 | +251 914 300189

ADERGUD GENERAL TRADING PLC is a company located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The company is mainly working in Building/Construction Materials business sectors.

Adergud General Trading PLC, is a company that was established in the year 2001 in Ethiopia, its head office is at Addis Ababa where as the factory is located at Oromiya, Western Shewa region specially known as Dandi in the town of Ginchi for manufacturing gypsum powder and gypsum powder based materials. Adergud General Trading PLC, is a manufacturer and exporter of building and construction materials.

Phoenix gypsum powder is used for framing of ceiling, concrete design framing, for making the traditional (local) gypsum board making and other things can be designed using gypsum powder. Usually the setting time for this type of gypsum powder is required to be small and our company makes this gypsum powder to be 15 minutes.

Lucy gypsum powder is used for common wall plastering and the setting time for this type of powder is 25 minutes.

Koket gypsum powder is special wall plastering gypsum and it is export standard. Due to bonding additives, it is especially suitable for concrete ceilings and walls as well as precast concrete components and all common plastering substrates.

Lucy gypsum block is the company’s other product which is robust, high grade with great acoustic and pull strength. This product is now well accepted in the local market and customers are demanding it very much.

The raw material (gypsum stone, CaSO4) our company used is extracted from the companies owned quarry which is found in two areas by name Wara Jarso, Abay Feliklek which is found in the lower valley upper region of Abay Northern Shewa Region and Ginde beret in the Oromia Region of Ethiopia. Part of the West Shewa Zone and southwest by Ambo.

Adergud General Trading PLC is committed to manufacturing and marketing only best quality gypsum powder. Our gypsum powder is made of sophisticated screening technology for higher purity to make only the top grade, highest quality gypsum powder.

We strongly believes in initiating and continuing transparent and supportive transaction with our trading partners, through flows of interactive knowledge based communication, hoping that these will finally bring to constant product and service development to better serve the end users, and of course the greater benefits of our trading partners.

Our company now has one big scale manufacturing plant and production facilities that have a production capacity of 2000 Quintals per day (730,000 quintal / annum). And sales organizations in over 7 state regional cities, over 150 employees, and with the lion share of the local market sale.

Our mission is aiming to strengthen our commitment towards our clients, the society and the environment we further aim to contribute to the development of the building material industry in order to achieve a clear vision that can strengthen our structure and enrich the building experience of end users.

Our vision is to be the pioneer mining and industrial group that transforms Adergud general trading PLC resources into modern and environmentally responsible gypsum based solutions. The company has also has a vision to introduced its own design ceiling domes, cornice and T bar type "Fiber reinforced gypsum ceiling with molded designs of different series of choices"

Our objectives are to establish industrial projects linked with the production of gypsum based solution to enhance the value throughout the different industrial operations of the company, in addition, the shareholders of the company are aiming to achieve the profitability, expansion and growth through applying of the latest technology methods in accordance with the latest systems and international standards, establishing strong relations and alliances with strategic partners.

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