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Abigail Ethiopia Tours - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Skylight hotel bole addis ababa

Fast communication by whatsapp :- WhatsApp Us:- Clink The Link:- Or +251965233333 About us:- Abigail Ethiopia Tours And Travel Welcome to Abigail Ethiopia Tours We are established experience providers in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Our tour guides are experts in delivering personal private guided tours. Fact About us, Abigail Ethiopia Tours is chosen as one of the best 10 tour operators ranking #1 in Ethiopia for travelers in 2024. Abigail Ethiopia Tours is proud of a long list and The leading tours and tour operator as wel guide. Your Multi-day Tour in Ethiopia with us is as flexible as you wish. We are specialists in creating the best private tours and day trips in and near Addis Ababa. Our Tours are Customizable!!!!! Abigail Ethiopia Tours is help you book best private tours in Ethiopia. Our focus on providing you great tour experience are:- - Customizable Tours - Professionalism, - Personalized tours, - Insightful experiences, and - Uniqueness. -Traveling with leading Tours Founded in 2020G.C. by Tour Operator Abigail Eshetu, Abigail Ethiopia Tours organizes custom tours of best and sisterly, we are native Ethiopian born and grew up in Lalibela The historical place in Ethiopia and Unisco registered site And Has 11 monolithic church made of single rock cutout from up to down, hope you know Lalibela, and moved to Addis Ababato study Tour Operations, and now we are based in Addis Ababa and do tours all over Ethiopia. WHO WE ARE:- After graduation, we worked as a tour guide and tour operator at Many old Tour Agency, As a freelancer tour guide, we had worked at many local tours. Starting from January 2020 G.C., we run Sisters Ethiopia Tours. We been enjoying the sisterness, being family of providing private trips all over Ethiopia. Since 2019, Sisters Ethiopia Tours has mainly been serving visitors on few day tours in and around Addis Ababa. We hope you enjoy our private city tours, day tours from Addis Ababa, and tailor-made tours in Ethiopia as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us. OUR NAME – Abigail Ethiopia Tours And Travel We chose the name of our tour company –Abigail Ethiopia Tours to reflect our values, being family sisters and love of A Father what we do. We want and work hard to make our name the best travel brand in Ethiopia. We want our name to say a lot about us. “Abigail” – To show our un tired service to love of fathers, family and excellence, high-quality, and worth of our tours and travel services in Ethiopia. We treat you with utmost esteem and deliver world-class tour experiences in Ethiopia you deserve. And more. “ETHIOPIA” – To show where our tours are and indicate the authenticity and originality of experiences we offer. Our tour guides help you know all about Ethiopia and experience it with its originality. “TOURS” – is the wide category our great experiences in Ethiopia we offer at Abigail Ethiopia Tours/AETT/ AETT the best and Exploreing, discovering, experiencing Ethiopia Rotated! OUR LOGO To show what we do in our tour company name, we used a travel company logo to reflect our values. The logo of Abigail Ethiopia Tours is depend us and name and what we do. WHAT WE DO • We offer small group and individual tours in Ethiopia. We arrange private trips including best places of visits and things to do in Ethiopia. See the list of our interesting Day Tours from Addis Ababa ranging from half-day to three days trips in Ethiopia. • We organize your private city tours in Addis Ababa and around. Our tour are designed to fit with your expectations, and travel styles. You can start your tour of Ethiopia according to the arrival and departure times of your flight. We are flexible to offer free pick-up and drop-off, and customize your visit with your other inquiries. • Considering what matters to you most, we create specialized tours in Ethiopia. Get first-hand knowledge from our qualified local Ethiopian tour guides. • We provide individualized Addis Ababa tours and travel related services. To offer your typical tour in Ethiopia, we start from the scratch with your questions. Contact and tell us your interests, how long you plan for the tour, your budget, or anything you have in mind. We design our best tour itinerary of visiting Ethiopia depending on your information. Together we keep revising your tour plan until you tell us “THAT IS THE TOUR I MEAN”. DONE! Let’s Sisterly visit Addis Ababa and discover Ethiopia! WHY BOOK YOUR TOUR OF ETHIOPIA WITH US? -  We the best and leading tours in Ethiopia as you can see everywhere in everything check it yourself everything about us plus:- - TOURS – Customized Tours with expert tour guides, Customizable Tours!!!!! Contact OUR TEAM - Tour Operator , Tour Guide If you need Tours, the best way to Communication is WhatsApp and its fast Reliable Secured, so Just click the link we will send you any Package/Itinerary you need to Ethiopia, -City Tours Addis Ababa with Free Airport/Hotel Pickup and Drop Off - Half/Full Day. -Food Tours Half Day. -Day Trips Outdoor from Addis Ababa to any location you need, :- for instance - Day Trips Outdoor from Addis Ababa To Debre Libanos Monastery and Portuguese Bridges and Jemma River Gorge. And any Outdoor near Addis??? -North, South , West, and East Ethiopia Tours starting from any day you want, Day Tours, Multi Day Tours, you need 5 day Tours or ? ???ANY day tours are Arranged. TOURS ARE CUSTOMIZABLE OK, Feel free to reach me, i will organized and arranged your tour best and safe tours with our best tour company , Tour operator Guide, our best Drivers. Abigail Ethiopia Tours And Travel are privately owned Travel company, Tour Operator and Tour Guide at Addis Ababa Ethiopia, formed by tourism experts. Opens the door for unforgettable tour experience and Has more than 6 years Tourism, Tour Guide and Tour Operator experience. More travel awards than anyone we are the leading tour company in Ethiopia. We are experts on arranging & Organized tours Affordable price, Addis Ababa City Tours, Outdoors, Special service, private Tours, Group Tours, Northern Ethiopia Historical Route Tours, Danakil depression tours, Omo vally Tribes Tours, Trekking mountains national parks, Festivals Tours of Epiphanies , Meskel, Photography Expedition tours to Suri Tribes. Nature Tours, Adventure Tours, Trekking, Birdwatching Tours, Car Rentals in Addis Ababa Ethiopia , Feel Free conatct us for any kind of Tours, All kind of Tours. Important information that you want to know from us is, Tours are customizable!!!!!!!!! Abigail Ethiopia Tours And Travel.....based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Abigail Ethiopia Tours and Travel is a tours and travel operator that offers Travel, Taxi, Shuttle Services, Airport Transfers and Car Rental Services. Abigail Ethiopia Tours and Travel is committed to providing travel and related services to clients worldwide. Opening the door to unforgettable travel experiences and with more than 6 years of experience and more travel awards than anyone else in the industry, Abigail Ethiopia Tours and Travel is proud to be the number one guided holiday operator in Ethiopia. Abigail Ethiopia Tours and Travel has the local knowledge and expertise to reveal the world to its guests as only a true insider can. At Abigail Ethiopia Tours and Travel, we give you fascinating insights into local traditions and bring history to life in ways you simply cannot get from a guidebook, Abigail Ethiopia Tours and Travel is the friend you would wish for in every destination, providing a unique perspective on the local people, places, and cultures you encounter. At Abigail Ethiopia Tours and Travel, we surprise you with hidden places only the locals know about and introduce you to people you would never have met if traveling on your own. From North to South, East to West, Abigail Ethiopian Tours and Travel prides itself on helping you capture the true essence of each destination. To explore the rich culture and diverse beauty of Ethiopia, get the cheapest car rental from Abigail Ethiopian Tours and Travel. For the most convenient to explore Ethiopia make a pre-booked car rental. Abigail Ethiopia Tours and Travel hospitable and qualified staff will meet and greet you at the airport and transfer you to the hotel. Abigail Ethiopia Tours and Travel has a wide variety of vehicles to hire in Ethiopia. Tour types offered by Sisters Ethiopia Tours and Travel include: • Historic Tours - Siemen Mountains; North and South Ethiopia; East Ethiopia; Awash National Park; Harar Tour; Northern Historic Route; etc • Culture Tours - Omo Valley Tribes; Southern Ethiopia; North and South Ethiopia; Omo Valley; etc • Nature Tours - Dankil Depression; North and South Ethiopia; Awash National Park; Harar Tour; etc • City Tours - Addis Ababa; etc • Bird Watching - Central Ethiopia; etc • Trekking and Hiking - Simien Mountains; etc • Photography Tours - Omo Valley; etc Tours are Customizable ok, Feel free contact me, Either private or group tours we have, We make your packages, we make your Itinerary , we make your tours, we organized and arranged tours by Affordable price to Ethiopia and Addis Ababa city tours as well Its surrounding. We care for you. You want local experience ??? Here we are we are experts you will be happy, and we need your future Recommendations and promotion for us, our target is make many friends and make you happy. We give tours all over Ethiopia -Addis Ababa City Tours &Its surrounding. -Food Tours -North part of Ethiopia -Southern parts of Ethiopia -East parts of Ethiopia as wel west parts Abigail Ethiopia Tours are privately owned Tour operator & Travel company at Addis Ababa Ethiopia, formed by tourism experts. We are experts on arranging & Organized tours Affordable price, Addis Ababa City Tours, Northern Ethiopia Historical Route Tours, Danakil depression tours, Omo vally Tribes Tours, Trekking mountains national parks, Festivals Tours of Epiphanies , Meskel, Photography Expedition tours to Suri Tribes. All kind of Tours. Full-Day City Tour in Addis Ababa With Hotel Pickedup & Drop Off with Rotate Ethiopia Tours And Travel:- Tours are customizable!!!!! Duration - 8 to 9 hours What-to-do (see) - Holy Trinity Cathedral, National Museum, Entoto Parks Views, Merkato Market, Ethnological Museum, St. George’s Cathedral, scenic driving in Addis Ababa city, and cultural Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony Price INCLUDES - Vehicle with Fuel (gasoline), private driver,tour guide, All Entrance (Admission) fees, Hotel/Airport pick up and drop offs, Local family visits and lunch (home cooked Ethiopian food), Food Tours....... Ethiopian Traditional Coffee Ceremony Experience, Local snacks and bottled water, Tea/Coffee, and all applicable taxes. Price DON'T INCLUDE - Alcoholic drinking and other expenses not mentioned above If you have any questions on customizing how you visit Addis Ababa, contact us on WhatsApp Please, keep on reading to know what you get with us, how our tour is unique and the best, and why you need to visit (book) your private tour of Addis Ababa with Abigail Ethiopia Tours. P.s. if you fly by Ethiopian Airlines , No need for visa, i mean to ask transit or layover visa, you have right to visit Addis Ababa, and you got free hotel.... 1. ARE YOU • A foreign community living in Addis Ababa. • A transit traveler through Addis Ababa Ethiopia. • In Addis Ababa Ethiopia for a while for a certain purpose. • From accross the world planning to visit Addis Ababa Ethiopia. who is looking for a professional Tourist Guide and Trip Planner who is based in Addis Ababa Ethiopia? 2. WE ARE: Professional Tourist Guide and Trip Planner based in Addis Ababa 3. WE DO • Plan and organize a day and short day fixed trips in Addis Ababa and around. • Assist and facilitie travelers find travel campanions to join with and travel together. • Arrange necessary transportations • Professional Tourist Guide service • Serve Lunch and Dinner 4. WE TAKE YOU • A full day city your to Addis Ababa • A day trip to Debre Libanose Monastery • A day Trip to Womchi Crater Lake • Two Days Trip to Abijjata Shalla NP, Hawassa and Shashemane 5. DATE THE TOUR STARTS: Each trip will be held on 5th day of every month throughout the year. 6. THE STARTING POINT: The actual trip starting place will be at Ghion Hotel 7. PICK UP PLACE • From the Bole Intn Airport • From your hotel only 20 km far from Ghion Hotel • From home or any other place only 20km far from Ghion Hotel 8. PICK UP TIME: From 06:00 to 08:30 am 9. THE TRIP WILL START: At 08:45am 10. NO OF PARTICIPANTS: Min one 11. TYPE OF TRIP COST A. PRIVATE COST • Hotel room • Each meals • Enterances • Horses B.SHARED COST • Transportation • Tour leader • Local guide • Boat Note: The cost of these services will be share for a no of participants. 12. PRICE INCLUDES • Transportation (vehicle, boat and Hores) • Meals (Lunch and Dinner) with soft and hot drinks • Tour leader • Local guide • Enterance fees • Scouts and securities Note: • Up on prior request we can organize a separate private shuttle with extra charge • Up on prior request we can book hotel rooms and Airplane seats with extra charge. VIEW POINT TO ADDIS ABABA CITY Regards; Abigail Ethiopia Tours (CEO & Founder) Mobile :- WhatsApp us:- +251965233333 website :- Email:- Abigail Ethiopia Tours, Travel & Car Rentals Twitter:- Linked in:- Pinterest:- Facebook: Instagrams:- TIKTOK YouTube :- Airbnb:- Couchsurfing:- Find us in any social media, @ Abigail Ethiopia Tours, We the best, Find Us in GOOGLE SEARCH, Social Media: Connect with Abigail Ethiopia Tours and Travel on: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn | Tiktok | WhatsApp |YouTube|Pinterest.... Location Bole International Airport Around Skylight Hotel. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia BOOK NOW!! ❤️Read@ We partner of "Rotate Ethiopia Tours, Sisters Ethiopia Tours!!!!""""❤️ 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 #Ethiopia #Lalibela #Gondor #Aksum #Danakil Depression #Debrelibanos #Portuguesebridge #tours #coffee #food #tourguide #africa #Africa #nature #history #culture #Europe #outdoor#Tourguide #addisAbaba #Entotoparks #Museum #views #Merkato, #market #touroperator #tours @everyone #everyone #Ethiopia @sistersethiopiatours #sistersethiopiatours @abigailethiopiatours #abigailethiopiatours #rotateethiopiantours @rotateethiopiantours #Ethiopia #Lalibela #Gondor # Aksum #Axum #Danakil Depression #Dallol #Danakildepression #Afar #Ertale #Harar #Omovally #Simenmountain #Debrelibanos #Portuguesebridge @addis ababa#North #South #tours #coffee #tournament #tourism #food #tourguide #africa #travel #photooftheday #Africa #nature #history #culture #USA #Europe #outdoor#Tourguide #AddisAbaba #addisababaethiopia #Entotoparks #Museum #views #Merkato, #market #Monument #parks #Debrezeyit #Awasa #Jinka #touroperator #tours #touragency #tourcompany

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