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Bruh Tesfa Irrigation and Water Technology PLC - Mekelle, Ethiopia

+251 34 440 0474/ +251 11 5502990/ +251 11 5157622
Fax:+251 34 4400467/ +251 11 5157660


Bruh Tesfa Irrigation and Water Technology PLC is an Ethiopian company engaged in surveying, study, design, manufacturing, consulting, supply and installation of comprehensive irrigation & water supply systems, maintenance and after sales services. The company was founded in 2004 G.C under Dejenna Endowment which is now merged to be under Endowment fund for rehabilitation of Tigray (EFFORT).  

Products and Services of the company

Bruh Tesfa HDPE pipes and fittings are verified and registered regarding potable water suitability Bruh Tesfa HDPE shall meet the requirement of ISO 4427.

Bruh Tesfa is currently manufacturing wide range diameter of PE pipes

  • LDPE pipes 16mm-32mm
  • HDPE pipes 50mm-315mm
  • Pressure ratings(4,6,10,16 Bar, standards and 20bar on demand)

I. Manufacturing and Supply

a). Modern irrigation and Water supply technology

  • Drip irrigation system (cylindrical, on line, in line and flat drip systems) with pressure compensated and non compensated
  • Mechanized-irrigation machinery (Pivot, travelling gun, boom sprinkler irrigation systems (in fixed and hand drug system that includes gun ,impact and micro), etc)
  • Irrigation Control systems (Automatic, semi-automatic and manual systems)
  • Green House  complete set of irrigation system
  • Pipe supported furrow complete irrigation system
  • Manufacturing of PE-HDPE Pipes from 16mm up to 315 mm at different nominal pressure
  • Import and Supply of big size pipes greater than 315 mm up to the maximum required size
  • Import and supply of all kinds of fitting (HDPE compression, electro fusion ,but fusion, thread, barbed and solvent of all kind, saddles, hydrants, quick couplings fittings e.t.c In general Bruh Tesfa has the capacity to supply all kinds of required fittings.
  • Butt Welding machines:- supply of electro fusion and Butt fusion machines up to the required size or 1200mm

b). Conduits
We manufacture and supply different types of flexible and rigged conduits from diameter 13 up to 44mm for electrical insulation

c).Polythene Tube 
We manufacture polythene tubes by using LDPE/LLDPE row material types with different colors white and black from diameter 8cm up to 75cm by 100 micron thickness and other requirements

d). Geo-membrane 
We import and supply different kinds of geo-membrane and liners having different standards for reservoirs and irrigation canalling systems

II. Providing Turnkey Services

  1. Feasibility Study, design, specification and BOQ(Bill of quantity) preparation for large scale modern irrigation and water supply systems
  2. Surveying and top map preparation for large scale irrigation & water supply projects
  3. Installation of all kinds of irrigation systems (drip, sprinkler, irrigation machinery (pivot, travelling guns & booms) and control systems)
  4. Installation of pipe supported furrow irrigation systems for different crops
  5. Providing maintenance and after sales services in modern irrigation and water supply systems with periodical supervision
  6. Providing welding services on PE pipes and fittings as per the international standard
  7. Commissioning and training in operation, maintenance & management of different irrigation methods
  8. Providing Complete package of training in irrigation and PE welding technology
  9. Providing consultancy and supervision service on irrigation and water supply systems
  10. Carrying out comprehensive works including study, design, surveying, specification preparation, supplying, and installation and after sales services.

The company’s head quarter is located in Mekelle-Tigray-Ethiopia having branch office in Addis Ababa supported by strong agents in different regions. Currently the company has 300 total employees of permanent and contract.

All the above capabilities make Bruh Tesfa the leading local irrigation company in Ethiopia, that own complete system from study up to installation with many years of experience in design manufacturing, supply & undertaking turn key projects & very responsive to customer.

Quality has always been a major principle of Bruh Tesfa’s operation. Our quality management system is firmly in place being certified by ISO 9001:2008 ensures consistent, high quality standard performance throughout the organization. Bruh Tesfa has earned not only the ISO :9001:2008Quality management system but also was honored with the special green award certificate of 2010, as a testimony of its commitment to quality and in recognition out standing effort in environmental protection and dedication to keep our world green. This award is an indication of our effort that we serve our customers with good concern.


To be competent and the leading technological pioneer company in the modern irrigation and water supply technology development, by offering best quality  products and Services (i.e. study, design and installation) at competitive level in east Africa.


To generate profit & maximize wealth of the owner by satisfying the customer & introducing new modern irrigation & water supply technology, Contributing its share in agricultural transformation, creating  job opportunity and professional man power in the field and to play self role in reducing poverty in the country.

Objective of The Firm

  • To produce quality and complete set of products and services of modern irrigation systems and water supply technologies to earn reasonable profit.
  • To ensure customer satisfaction by providing standard products and comprehensive services in one basket.  
  • To play self role in the minimization of poverty by earning reasonable profit.
  • Creating job opportunity and building capacity & skill of professionals in the industry where the company is engaged.
  • By introducing new technology ensuring technological transformation agricultural practices and irrigation systems.

Technology Employed

We have employed different technologies in out production section. Some of the technologies we are using in the production section are drip technology, pipe extruder amd injection technologies.  

Quality assurance service

The company is well equipped with set of quality control testing equipments and engineers, to ensure level of quality and customer satisfaction

Row material (Input) Testing Laboratory

Bruh Tesfa Irrigation & Water Technology plc produces High Density Polyethylene pipes (HDPE pipes) and Low density Polyethylene pipes (LDPE pipes) from 100% virgin raw materials PE 80 or PE 100 based on the application and customer interest. Theses raw material are bought from internationally known sources such as SABIC and BOROUGE The raw material contains carbon Black 2.5 + (-) 0.5 by mass in accordance with ISO 6964 and is pre mixed in the raw material supplier’s factory. There are also different color master batch for stripes which are of the same resin as raw material of the pipe. At present the factory has sufficient stock of raw material enough for more than eight months of production.

Quality Aspect (standards)

As our company is ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certified, our processing system and the quality of the input and the finished products status are as per the international standards of ISO and DIN. For this purpose we have different computerized laboratory equipments for the quality and grade of the raw material and finished products.

Our product is tested for its flexibility, load bearing capacity, shock absorbance, impact load resistance and pressure resistance other parameters in addition to the tests done to the raw material.

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