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Defense Construction Materials Production Factory: Kality Construction Materials Production Factory - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Kaliti, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
+251 11 4342069/4343073/4348741, +251 11 4352148
+251 913 245003/ +251 913 838748/ +251 912 419834
Fax:+251 11 4341729/ +251 11 4342893


Kality Construction Materials Production Factory is the largest construction materials producer in Ethiopia. Our factory produce a wide range of construction materials including, Concrete mixing machine, Wooden Products, HCB 10*10*40 Class A concrete products, aggregate products and concrete batching.  The factory is owned by the Ministry of National Defense. Defense Construction Materials Production Enterprise (DCMME) is a public enterprise that is responsible for the overall management of existing enterprises: Kality Construction Materials Production Factory, Defense Construction Enterprise and Defense Construction Design Enterprise. Kality Construction Materials Production Factory is also involved in construction works. Our factory is well equipped and organized with over five decades of experience in production of construction materials.

Defense Construction Materials Manufacturing Enterprise

Our Vision

To be role model in the production of quality construction Materials that will enhance construction efficiency.

Our Mission

•    To produce Construction Materials
•    To be model in Quality Construction Materials production
•    To Produce Prefabricated House Elements

Defense Construction Enterprise

It was previously known as Defense Construction Engineering Enterprise. Currently, it is registered as grade one contractor and working with highly acclaimed professionals. The Enterprise targets at being competitive in the business via using modern machineries: in
•     Construction of houses
•     Road constructions
•     Irrigation canal constructions and,
•     Other construction related works

Defense Construction Design Enterprise

It carries out the design of constructions undertaken by Defense Construction Materials Production Enterprise with efficiency and fair price. It primarily engages in:
•    Preparing qualified designs for infrastructures that are cost-effective 
•    Supervising the implementation of the designs properly, checking the completion of ongoing constructions in due time
•    Enhancing the enterprise’s capacity through participating in constructions of buildings, roads and irrigation canals outside Defense oriented constructions
•    Contributing its share to the development of Ethiopia’s construction design sector

Kality Construction Materials Production Factory

It has been producing construction materials for the past 50 years with quality and efficiency, thus contributing its share to the development of the industry sector. 

Besides delivering concrete mix to Defense Construction Materials manufacturing Enterprise, the Factory avails concrete mix to private and government institutions undertaking constructions.
It planted three batching machineries, truck mixers and truck mounted pump (that can pump 75 meter long concrete mix) to satisfy customers’ wants.

Kality Construction Materials Production Factory is located at Kality, Addis Ababa on a sprawling 90,000 m2 plot out of which 11,000 m2 is the prefab concrete production base, the largest in Ethiopia.

Our factory has also metal and wood workshop, equipped with state of the art machinery and equipments.

Our Company adheres to strict quality standards and has well equipped laboratory with complete quality control system. We aim to provide quality construction materials at affordable price in Ethiopia.

Our products include:

1. Metal Products

  • Truss & purline
  • Fuel & water tanks
  • Different steel structures
  • Water tanker trailer
  • Other trailers
  • Concrete mixing machine
  • Metal doors & windows
  • Metal beds
  • Lifting devices
  • Hand rails & guard rails
  • Metal Tables & chairs
  • Reinforcement bars

2. Wooden Products

  • Wooden doors
  • Cup boards
  • control buffe
  • wooden hand rails
  • wooden beds
  • Chest drawers
  • Comodinos
  • Wooden chairs
  • Wooden tables
  • Sofa chairs
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Wooden packing boxes
  • Wooden stages

3. Concrete Products

  • HCB 10*10*40 Class A
  • HCB 10*10*40 Class B
  • HCB 10*10*40 Class C
  • HCB 15*15*40 Class A
  • HCB 15*15*40 Class B
  • HCB 15*15*40 Class C
  • HCB 20*20*40 Class A
  • HCB 20*20*40 Class B
  • HCB 20*20*40 Class C
  • Ribbed Blockets
  • Curvelet
  • Ditch Cover
  • Bolared

4. Aggregate Products

  • Aggregate 00
  • Aggregate 01
  • Aggregate 02
  • Base course

5.Concrete Batching

  • Concrete mix C-5
  • Concrete mix C-10
  • Concrete mix C-15
  • Concrete mix C-20
  • Concrete mix C-25
  • Concrete mix C-30
  • Concrete mix C-35
  • Concrete mix C-40

Do not hesitate to bring your custom design and order production of wooden and metal products. We are also always ready to produce new products based on market research and customer feedback.

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