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ELFORA AGRO-INDUSTRIES P.L.C - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Addis Ababa
011 645 0361
Fax:011 645 0503 011 645 0504

ELFORA was established in 1997 by acquiring eight (8) Livestock Enterprises from the Federal Government of Ethiopia through the privatization process.
The word ELFORA stands for natural products without the exposition to artificial feeds or chemicals. "ELFORA" comes from two "Borena Oromo" words, "ELA" and "FORA". "ELA" means Permanent Water Point, and "FORA" means Rainy Season Grazing. The word "FORA" is also considered to be equivalent to the English word "FLORA", which signifies HIGH QUALITY Livestock and Meat Products brought from traditional pastoral system as well as modern ranching. In line with this, the company is established to accomplish the following business purposes:
  1. Develop the livestock industry by producing, through natural and improved practices, high quality live animals on its own ranches, feedlots and quarantine stations.
  2. Produce and market high quality livestock and meat products both to the domestic and export markets.
  3. Supply special quality chilled/frozen beef, mutton and goat carcasses, beef cuts, and broiler meat to the local and overseas markets.
  4. Engage in the commercial production and marketing of poultry products, including broiler chicken, portioned chicken meat, day-old chicks and table eggs.
  5. Engage in the production and marketing of cash and high value crops for the local and export markets as well as for use by own processing/canning plants.
  6. Develop, process and market canned meat and vegetable products for the domestic and foreign markets.
  7. Build-up a competent management and staff workmanship by constantly upgrading their skills and encouraging teamwork and a sense of belongingness.

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